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Tanzanian Schools looking for partners

Bukoba Town, Primary School

The school is located 1 km from the centre of Bukoba town. It is a primary English-medium school. It only accomodates 50 children each year; however, we have the plan to extend to 150 children in a near future.

Contact Information:
Erasto Kishula
School Director
P.O.Box 98

Partnership Goals:
"We are expecting through the exchange programme of teachers and leaders visits, the children, teachers, leaders and the sorrounding community will be able to promote creativity, insipiring success, strengthening school academic performance and advancing creative industries, as well as raising aspirations of young people across Bukoba. We believe your schools have advanced much in education, so this partnership experience will enrich us in different ways. We also believe that there are so many used things like computers and others material of which are not of use in your country but are of great help in here. They can be sent here. Some of our teachers and children have never seen or touched a computer. They can start using them. I strongly believe that through this partnership our children will develop the skills to perform well, not only in exams and extra-curricular activities, but also in work place and wider society."
Erasto Kishula
School Director