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The Director's Thread

Newsletter: August 2010

This first eduWeavers newsletter marks an important celebratory inflection point for us. We have moved past the "start-up" phase and are consistently engaged in exciting proposal developments.

While awaiting final approval from the IRS regarding our 501(c)3 status, we are actively engaged in developing projects, writing curricula, and meeting with like-minded educators across the globe. With so much underway, we want to get you, our friends and supporters, up-to-speed and invite you to grab on, take hold, and actively engage with us.

eduWeavers is giving context to the often-used phrase "21st century education" by implementing our transformative notion of teaching and learning in this ever "flattening" global landscape. It's the philosophy you can cite when people ask, "What does 21st century education look like?"

Download the full newsletter in PDF format [1Mb]