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Our mission

MISSION: To develop and support unique school-based partnerships among disparate global communities by means of the eduWeavers School-to-School Partnership Program and eduWeavers School-to-School Consulting.

GOALS: On a global scale

  • To engender reciprocal learning in the areas of curriculum development, community building, and philanthropic giving
  • To promote lifelong intercultural friendships
  • To provide a more equitable playing field for the next generation

APPROACH: Reciprocal Learning

  • The foundation of the eduWeavers school-to-school partnership philosophy, reciprocal learning, uses joint projects and shared intellectual pursuits to create international collaboration, as well as provide opportunities for philanthropic giving. Such learning is facilitated by both technology and face-to-face cultural exchange which mutually benefits students in each of the partner schools, enriches the curriculum, and engages and shapes the futures of all members of each of the partnership communities.