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About eduWeavers

The eduWeavers Big Picture and Long-Term View

eduWeavers is an organization comprised of education and business professionals who believe the intercultural communication that begins during school-age years is the foundation for future collaborative efforts across the globe. eduWeavers leverages natural opportunities for communication via facilitating the creation and ongoing growth of school-to-school partnerships, ultimately, to further the bold objective of attaining successful global collaboration in the fields of foreign policy, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

The eduWeavers Team

eduWeavers is staffed and led by passionate and dedicated educators and business people who have deep expertise in training schools on how to embrace, apply, and incorporate into their culture a proven, successful school-to-school partnership development philosophy and process.
  1. the Leadership Team
  2. the Board of Directors.

eduWeavers Services

eduWeavers consultants offer two different types of programs or consulting services:

  1. the eduWeavers School-to-School Partnership Program
  2. eduWeavers School-to-School Consulting.

The eduWeavers School-to-School Partnership Model: A Platform for Reciprocal Learning

The eduWeavers School-to-School Partnership Model is driven by opportunities we have observed for reciprocal learning in the areas of curriculum development, community building, and philanthropic giving. Reciprocal learning facilitated by technology and face-to-face cultural exchange significantly enriches the curriculum and shapes the futures of all members of the partnership communities. eduWeavers consultants who are based in local communities in which partner schools reside work closely with these schools to help ensure that all aspects of the partner relationship thrive.

With regard to curriculum development, cultural exchanges allow students, teachers, and their families-in essence, entire learning communities-the opportunity to learn from and with each other, promoting future collaborative endeavors. In this arena, students around the world can come to appreciate that every community has something to offer, and that we can all respect and learn a great deal from each other.

Further, technology has the potential to connect people and ideas; when used effectively through thoughtfully constructed curricula and project-based programs, it has the potential to level the educational, social, and economic playing field for future generations on a global level.

Finally, grassroots philanthropic efforts within a school-to-school partnership allow learning communities in need, in conversation with their partners, to determine what will best enrich their own school and broader communities. The partner with greater resources can help to both fund many of their partner school's needs (which will, quite often, be for projects on which these schools are collaborating with their philanthropic partners and thus, in the end, will also directly benefit the partners with greater resources) and offer experience/guidance when appropriate, while always recognizing the dignity, integrity, and achievements of each partner.

The Partnership Model: Grassroots Philanthropy

A contribution to eduWeavers provides opportunities for the next generation to learn about and from others and see themselves as they are seen by others. It is a contribution to both solving the present inequities and misconceptions that exist between learning communities today and diminishing these differences in the future.

Many years ago, teachers offered their students the opportunity to have a "pen pal" as a means of connecting students around the world, helping them to learn about each other's language, cultures, traditions, and values. In today's global society, "pen pals" are nowhere near enough. Recognizing the importance of global outreach and understanding, eduWeavers builds on the notion of friendship and develops it into one of partnership with a vision towards a truly sustainable and attainable form of global collaboration in all arenas.